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Jun 16 , 2017

Dummy Trial České Budějovice


City: České Budějovice
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 48.8767143,14.4309592
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 48.8767143,14.4309592
Herman Jeske (NL)

Hello, I’am Herman Jeske and I live in the south of Holland. We have had labradors for over 20 years and I got involved with gundogtraining , breeding and hunting by my labradors from the beginning.
I am competing with my dogs in Workingtests, Fieldtrials and I spend many days with them in the hunting and picking-up. Some of my dogs have become Fieldtrial winners and one was made up to Fieldtrial Champion: Sarover Tings Dalziel.
I am self-employed so my job allows me to spend adequate time with my gundogs but this is my hobby and I really enjoy it.
I am an A panel Judge and judge in several countries Workingtest, Dummytrials and Fieldtrials.
I thank the organisation for inviting me and to jugdge the Workingtest and Dummytrial , and wish all the competitors good luck !!!!

Johan Grootaers (B)

The first Labrador came in to my life in 1978. As most of you I bought this first labrador bitch as a pet , never thought she would change my life. I got interested in the breed, first the show-ring was important ( I gathered at least 15 national and international titles), but very soon I got more and more interested in the working ability’s .
I have 2 FT champions and represented Belgium at several occasions at international events.
I’m a FCI Field Trial judge for retrievers and judged FT’s , WT’s and DT’s all over Europe.
I love to go out picking-up. Game-finding ability , for me, is the most important .
I would like to thank the organization inviting me to judge and I wish you all success competing at this event.

The classes will be held as follows (there's a limit of 16 dogs in each trial):


16. June 2017 - 8:30
16. June 2017 - 13:00

Entry Fee:

members RS CZ
non-members of RS CZ

700,- Kč (30 EUR)
1.100,- Kč (40 EUR)

If you pay by bank transfer, you must write the name of the event in the note „for payee“ (for example: Dummy Trial CB).

Deadline for entries : 11. 6. 2017

Registration: 30 minutes before the beginning of each class in the dummy trial location at the latest.


Accomodation possibilities:

Penzion Štilec

Kamenný Újezd 520
370 07 České Budějovice
Mobil: +420 777 042 192

Motel Dlouhá louka

Motel Dlouhá louka
Litvínovická 12b
370 01 České Budějovice
Mobil: +420 774 424 265
GPS: N 48°57’58.26“ E 14°27’34.73“

Penzion Bartochov

Krasejovka 18
Kamenný Újezd 37007
okres České Budějovice
Mobil:+420 606 149 022

Angus farma Rančice

Rančice 3 - Kamenný Újezd
370 07  České Budějovice
Mobil: +420 737 183 244, +420 605 777 454

Pension Chlumec

382 32 Chlumec 12
okres. Český Krumlov
Mobil: +420 721 485 901
GPS: 48°52'20.259"N, 14°23'48.326

Penzion Blanský les

Kvítkovice 25
373 84 Dubné
Mobil: +420 603 517 244

Ubytování u Moučků 

Dolní Třebonín 95                                                
382 01 Dolní Třebonín  
Mobil: +420 720 301 773

Pension Libra

Holkov 15
382 32  Velešín
Mobil: +420 702 161 400

For more information about the dummy trial please contact:

Romana Chobotská, tel. +420 776 555 613, e-mail:

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