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Aug 11 - Aug 12 , 2012

WT Hluboká


City: Hluboká
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49.346334, 14.2426323
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49.322487, 14.2431891


Andrea Böszörményi (HU)

Our interest for retriever sport began in 2000, when we bought our first lab Brenda as a family pet. After having seen working labradors on field trials, it was a straight way to the world of working retrievers and than field trialing.
Together with my husband Zsolt we train our dogs for shooting days and field trials, but certainly we enjoy running them on working tests out of the shooting season too. Occasionally we give trainings as well.
We have represented Hungary several times on international events.
Till today we made up 2 dogs to field trial champion, Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield and FTCH Starcreek Ginger, and Fly of Dukefield has become 2. on the Austrian-Hungarian Field Trial Championship in 2011.
We breed working labradors under the prefix "Brookbank" - our goal is to breed retrievers with good natural abilities who are easy to train and handle.
We have always worked actively for our sport, in 2005 we have founded the Working Retriever Club of Hungary, Zsolt is president and I am secretary of the club since.
Since 2011 I am the hungarian delegate of the FCI's European Committee for Retrievers.
I am very pleased to judge the WT in Hluboka, I wish all the competitors the best of luck, enjoy your weekend!

Andrea Böszörményi

Fons Exelmans (BE)

I bought my first Labrador in order to have a pleasant companion. With this dog, I attended obedience classes and followed a course on hunting for retrievers. That's how I ended up in the world of working retrievers.
I run my dogs in working tests and field trials. This resulted in the titles of 'Belgian field trial champion', 'International field trial Champion', winner of the 'European Retriever Championship (Coupe d' Europe)' and winner of the 'Belgian Retriever Championship'. I take special pride in winning three times the Coupe d' Europe with the Belgian team. As an FCI-judge I judge the types of contests I am familiar with.
Picking up with my dogs and some friends and their dogs during hunting season gives me a lot of pleasure.
In the "Gouden Jachthoorn" in Zichem I am a member of the team of instructors that tries to teach dogs and handlers the 'basics' of retriever training. Regularly people invite me abroad for a seminar or training days. Installing confidence in a dog through carefully taking little steps towards the goal, I regard as the bottom-line in training..
In the FCI-committee for retrievers I represent Belgium and I am also the president of this committee.
I love retrievers that work with determination and - when necessary - respond well to the help given by their handler.

Fons Exelmans
Stationsstraat 16
3540 Herk-de-Stad
+32 13555033
+32 498101216


The classes will be held as follows (there's a limit of 30 dogs every day):

Puppy (E) Class 11th August 2012 - 8:30
Novice (L) Class 11th August 2012 - 13:30
Intermediate (M) Class 12th August 2012 - 8:30
Open (S) Class 12th August 2012 - 13:30

Entry Fee:

members of RS CZ 25 €
non-members of RS CZ 40 €

Deadline for entries: t.b.a.

Registration: at the latest 30min before the beginning of each class 49°3'46.334"N, 14°24'26.323"E

Accommodation possibilities:

Restaurace - Penzion U Kapličky

tel.: 774 690 041

You will also notice the results

For other informations about the WT please contact:

Martin Incédi, tel. +420 608 622 819 In Eglish
Miroslav Krejčí, tel. +420 733 670 139 In German
Dana Slabá, tel. +420 607 565 460

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