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Sep 28 - Sep 29 , 2013

WT Finals Tábor


City: Tábor
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49°22'13.676"N, 14°44'2.757"E
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49°22'13.676"N, 14°44'2.757"E

Basic information:


Stefano Martinoli (IT)

I have always been very interested in gundogs and when I went to England as a young boy and saw retrievers at work I fell in love with this breed.  My first trial dog was a Labrador retriever called Ft. Ch. Black Bullock (Bullet) and I started trialing him in 1989 and he became a FT Champion. Since then I have never turned back. I started my own line of working Labradors called Waterfriend Labradors and I have been breeding Labradors out of English working bloodlines in Italy for a long time.  I have also been a professional gundog trainer for many years, I am a passionate gunman and I enjoy shooting and picking up with my dogs.

I have competed 8 times in the Coupe d' Europe Field Trial for the Italian team with different dogs, and won once in Team and once the Individual Challenge.   I have made up many Field Trial Champions over the years and I have run my Labradors in Open Field Trials successfully in Europe as well as in the UK where I qualified 2 dogs to run in Open Field Trials.

I have been judging Field Trials, Dummy Trials and Working Tests for many years and I am very happy to judge for you!



Michael O´Connor (IRL)

My name is Michael O Connor and I am from Ireland. I am a panel judge with the Irish Kennel Club. Over the years I have been running dogs in tests and trials with some success, and have competed in the Irish Retriever Championship several times. In 2013 I was honoured to have been selected as one the judging team for the Irish Retriever Championship. It was a great two days and I really enjoyed it. I am lucky enough to have been involved in gundogs since I was a teenager and was introduced to field trials by Championship venerable Jim Curtin of Mid Cork Field Trials Association. He was kind enough to give me my first trialing Labrador in 1997 and I was irredeemably bitten by the bug. The bitch was Turramurra Dee and we won our first trial - a novice stake in Co. Wexford, Ireland. Dee was joined in my kennels by Holly's Pet, bred by man named Patsy Cronin (Ennis Co. Clare Ireland.) She was a yellow bitch that attained her F.T.Ch. title. She was the foundation bitch for the Watergreen prefx. Watergreen dogs have gone to compete successfully in field trials. Some of the most noteworty being F.T.Ch. Watergreen Frazier, F.T.Ch. Watergreen Flash, F.T.Ch. Watergreen East of Eden, F.T.Ch. Watergreen Freeway, F.T.Ch. Watergreen Gangster. At the moment my personal dog in training is Watergreen Jet. She is a fox red female and is showing great potential. I have a particular fondness for yellow or fox red dogs and always admire a dog with drive and stamina - but not one that constantly challenges its handler and the bounds of the rules that define our sport.

This will be my first overseas judging appointment which I consider to be one of the highlights of my career. I am delighted and honoured to have been selected and look forward to two great days judging with the other judges. I also look forward to the company of the competitors and their dogs performance.

I would like to wish everyone - competitors, fellow judges, hosts and sponsers a wonderful two days.

Kind Regards,
Michael O Connor



The classes will be held as follows (there's a limit of 30 dogs every day):

Puppy (E) Class 28. september 2013 - 8:30
Novice (L) Class 28. september 2013 - 13:00
Intermediate (M) Class 29. september 2013 - 8:30
Open (S) Class 29. september 2013 - 13:00

Entry Fee:

members of RS CZ 600,- Kč
non-members of RS CZ 1000,- Kč

If you pay by bank transfer, you must write the name of the event in the note „for payee“ (for example: WT Tabor).


"Registration: at the latest 30min before the beginning of each class in the Motel Vega." 

"The prize giving will take place in the Motel Vega."


 Accommodation possibilities:

Penzion U Růže
tel: +420 381 271 362, +420 774 976 480

Penzion Bartoň
tel: +420 602 617 580

Penzion Kalina

Penzion Na Mýtě

Motel Vega

For other informations about the WT please contact:

Martin Incédi, tel. +420 608 622 819 (English)
Miroslav Krejčí, tel. +420 733 670 139 (English, Deutsch)
Dana Slabá, tel. +420 607 565 460

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