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Karin Morsink

Karin Morsink

Karin MorsinkISince August 2018 I am living in the Czech Republic. And live and work together with my boyfriend in the pheasant shooting area Konopiste.

15 years ago I buy my first Labrador Retriever. That was the worse decission I ever made. Since that day I only can speak and dream about dogs.

I work and train with many different kind of dogs, but all hunting breeds. At this moment I have 11 dogs. Most of them are my own but also some trainingdogs for other poeple. Most of the time I have Labrador Retrievers and Spaniels. I sell and import dogs out of almost every country in Europe I have sell dogs to Denmark, Austria, Germany, Belquim, Netherlands and Spain and import dogs from England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Belquim, the Netharlands, Austria and Hungary.

With my dogs i compete in many competitions, and love to work and train with my young dogs and start with them by the first beginning and build the training step by step up till I can compete at the higherst levels or enjoy the hunting days. I train in a really slowly  
way, easy and with a lot of fun. I have a lot of experiences with problem behavior so please ask everything if there is a problem in your training, because I can give you maybe some advice. And help you building up your training again. I give training to small puppies, young dogs and also experienced older dogs. For me is most important that the combination work together and have lots of fun.

More information about me you can find on facebook or on my webpage

I give training to handlers who want to compete in:

* Field trails
* Dummy trails
* Working tests

I give training at differnt kind of levels to puppys, starters, novice and open class dogs. And i am also a specialist in problem behavior. Bad heelwork, not steady, making noise, not comming back with dummy, pie-ing everywhere with dummy or without, affraid for shooting ect..

Location of training: Konopiste/Benesov

I speak, Nederlands/Dutch, German/Deutsch, English and a little bit Czech ( but i am learning). If your English is very bad, try to take somebody who can help you with translation or I will try to place you in a group with poeple who can translate for you.

Please send me an email if you are interest or if you have a question. This can be also in Czech. I will translate by myself.

Kind Regards,

Karin Morsink

Actual training dates / term at the Facebook profile of Retriever Sport CZ.


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