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Apr 22 - Apr 23 , 2023

Working Test Konopiště (CZE)


City: Konopiště (close to Benešov)
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49°45'40.0"N 14°42'33.1"E
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49°45'40.0"N 14°42'33.1"E


Paul David Toal (IRL)
Paul David Toal (IRL)

My name is Paul Toal and I live in a remote rural part of North West Ireland, a place I am privileged to live, work and train my dogs. In between my job as a teacher I am constantly fuelling my passion in retrievers, breeding occasionally, training constantly and enjoying the invitations to judge or train.

I am proud that my Altiquin prefixed dogs have been sent to many places around the world making their mark in competition, hunting and family companions. I have made three dogs into Irish FTCH, all competing on many occasions in the Irish Championship and international events.

I have very memorable trips to the Czech Republic. It was great to meet new and old friends at both those events. I am delighted to be asked back to judge this mock-trial and working test, and I am looking forward to seeing all the dogs and handlers in what I am sure will be another ‘international’ event.

I wish all competitors the very best of luck. Let us all celebrate the hard work we all put in to our dogs and enjoy the fruits of our labour over the coming days. It is worth enjoying!

Paul Hasney (UK)


WT will be organized in these classes (the maximum number of competing dogs will is 60 each day):

Newcomers (E) Class
Beginners (L) + Veterans Class
Novice (M) Class
Open (S) Class
Beginners 2 (L2) Class

22. April 2023 - 8:30 
22. April 2023 - 14:00
23. April 2023 - 9:00
23. April 2023 - 13:00
23. April 2023 - 15:30 CANCELLED (LACK OF ENTRIES)

Starting fee:

members of RS CZ
non-members of RS CZ

1.000,- Kč (40 EUR)
1.250,- Kč (50 EUR)

  • The second start with the SAME dog during the weekend competition will be charged by reduced starting fee 25 EUR, no matter if the handler is member of the Retriever sport CZ or not.
  • If you pay by bank transfer, you must write the name of the event in the note „for payee“ (WT Konopiste APRIL)
  • The entry is accepted only if the payment is done to the Retriever Sport CZ bank account. 
  • Beginners Class on Sunday - minimum 10 entries to take it place.

The deadline for entries is 5th of April 2023. The registration may be stopped if class capacity is reached!



More information about WT:

Romana Chobotská, tel. +420 776 555 613
Ivana Rindošová, tel. +420 777 244 574
Bohumila Lelková, tel. +420 606 628 530

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