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Apr 15 - Apr 16 , 2017

Training with Paul David Toal (IRL)


City: Jíloviště
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49°55'51.3"N, 14°20'58.1"E
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49°55'52.317"N, 14°20'38.011"E
Paul David Toal (IRL)

I am absolutely delighted to be asked to take training group of Retriever enthusiasts in the Czech Republic. I have judged a number of competitors in Europe from the Czech Republic, and I have always enjoyed spending time with these competitors. I look forward very much to meeting old and new friends.
To tell you a little about myself, I started training dogs in 1986. This was a dream I maintained throughout my life. My early memories, at the age of 4, were of training some ‘farm-animal’ to do something whilst on holiday with my family, and my Dad telling me stories of his dogs when he was young in Ireland. As soon as I graduated University, working in Bristol, I bought a house just so I could have the freedom to own my first dog. My passion was ignited!

I read voraciously. I trained with many excellent dog trainers in the West Country of England and learnt as much as I possibly could from whoever was willing to teach me. In 1997 I moved to Ireland, in a bid to gain the freedom I yearned for so that I could become ‘serious’ in the art of training the Labrador. I applied for my affix/prefix with the British and Irish Kennel Club; Altiquin Labradors was born. Here in Ireland I now have raised up and trained 3 FT Champions: FTCh Altiquin Egan, FTCh Glenanne Abel, and FTCh Altiquin Ripple, as well as training many other dogs. All three of my Champion dogs have competed for Ireland in various international competitions, and FTCh Glenanne Abel received a Diploma of Honour in the 2009 Irish Retriever Championship. I am honoured to be an ‘A’ Panel Judge with the Irish Kennel Club. I am devoted to helping and guiding others as they try to find their feet in the world of Retriever Training in Ireland and Europe.
I have been delighted to accept many training and Judging appointments in Scandinavia, mainland Europe and the USA. This is the first time I have been asked to the Czech Republic, and I am thrilled at the prospect. I am very much look forward to meeting and training with you here.

Entry Fee:

Members of RS CZ
Non-members of RS CZ

3.000,- Kč (120 EUR)
3.500,- Kč (140 EUR)

If you pay by bank transfer, please write the name of the event in the note "for payee" (for example: Training Toal).

Deadline for entries: 10. 4. 2017

Registration: 30 minutes before the beginning in the training area at latest.



Motorest Jíloviště

Motorest Jiloviště
Tel: +420 603 103 781

Penzion Spálený mlýn

Penzion Spálený mlýn
Tel: +420 734 848 749

Penzion u Kašných

Penzion u Kašných
Telefon: +420 318 592 728
Mobil: +420 606 724 603

Penzion Kaskáda

Penzion Kaskáda
Telefon: +420 739 004 111

For other information about the training please contact:

Romana Chobotská, tel. +420 776 555 613, e-mail:

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