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Sep 22 - Sep 23 , 2018

WT Final Milovice


City: Milovice (close to Benatky nad Jizerou - close to Prague)
William Rostron (UK)
William Rostron (UK)

My name is William Rostron (known as Bill to my friends) retired company director.

I am married to Pamela with a son and 2 step daughters my son is a very well known Artist in the U.K. and my eldest step daughter is a corporate lawyer, my youngest step daughter is a senior corporate sales manager working for a well known international company .

I have been involved with gun dogs for over 35 years, I became a KC Judge many years ago and have been a field trial secretary for a number of clubs and was chairman of the URC Northern branch for several years.

My interest in gun dogs started when I gave up riding to hounds and found training gun dogs exciting and very enjoyable, I hadn't realised just how much patience I had and in fact needed to train a successful field trial dog, I enjoy watching all types of dog work and have Judge in many countries, an experience I find rewarding and enjoyable .

Sara Chichester (UK)
Sara Chichester (UK)

My career has been varied and other than gundog training, I have been a trout farmer, fishery manager, a farm secretary, an investment analyst, technical analyst and portfolio manager.  I have had dogs and been shooting all my life.  I got my first gun (.410) when I was 8 and my first shooting dogs were a terrier and poodle, and later on an Alsatian.  Nearly 20 years later I got my first spaniel, followed quickly by a second, which I trained for working on shoots, scurries at Game Fairs and entered my first trial.  A few years later, now married to Michael and with a daughter, Maddy, I rescued a Labrador, which led to another, and trained them both for picking up on shoots.  I joined the Westward Gundog Society, attending training classes and entering working tests and trials.  In 1992 I won my first trial with a home bred dog, Wiscombe Black Pepper, offspring of my rescue dog.  I then decided to buy a puppy with field trial breeding and purchased Highdunscott Alice of Wiscombe from Alan Kennard.  I also bought a Gordon Setter puppy, as I loved the colour!  I won my first Open Trial with the Gordon and then made both dogs up to FTCH.  Alice went on to win the IGL Retriever Championship in 1995. 


A Panel Retriever Judge (UK KC)
B Panel Pointer & Setter Judge (UK KC)
Chairman Westward Gundog Society
Committee member of Gordon Setter Field Trial Society & Kennel Club Field Trial Committee
Affix ‘Wiscombe’
Represented England in Spaniel Gundog Team at a Game Fair
Represented UK in World Championship of Pointing Dogs in Serbia, Denmark and France
Bred INT FTCH/ITA DUAL CH Wiscombe Shillelagh of Wiscombe (Gordon Setter)
Bred and trained ITA FTCH Wiscombe Tornado (English Springer Spaniel)
Owned, trained & handled Labrador Retriever FTCH Highdunscott Alice of Wiscombe (1995 IGL Championship Winner)
Owned, trained & handled Gordon Setters FTCH Clitters Pippit of Wiscombe & FTCH Little Treasure of Gawcott
Won Trials with 5 different Labradors and awards with 2 Golden Retrievers
Won Trials with 4 ESS and awards with others and with Cocker Spaniels
2017 – Won 6 trials with 5 different breeds: Labrador, ESS, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter and English Setter.  I have also won a trial with an English Pointer (in a previous year)
I have judged Retrievers in the UK, Germany & Belgium.

I look forward to judging in the Czech Republic and thank you for inviting me

The classes will be held as follows (there's a limit of 40 dogs every day):

Puppy (E) Class
Novice (L) Class
Intermediate (M) Class
Open (S) Class

22. September 2018 - 8:30
22. September 2018 - 13:00
23. September 2018 - 8:30
23. September 2018 - 13:00

Entry fee:

members of RS CZ
non-members of RS CZ

1.000,- Kč (40 EUR)
1.250,- Kč (50 EUR)

If you pay by bank transfer, you must write the name of the event in the note „for payee“ (for example: WT FINAL 2018).

Deadline for entries: 15. 9. 2018

Registration: 30 min before the beginning of each class in the WT location at the latest.


Accommodation possibilities:

Hotel Bílý páv
U Cukrovaru 655/7
Benátky nad Jizerou II
294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou
Tel.: +420 731 160 589

Letní stadion 546
294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou I
Tel.: +420 725 758 631

Parkpension Benátky nad Jizerou - NO DOGS!

Lidická 594
294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou
Tel.: +420 725 947 999

Ubytování Kochánky
Kochánky 217
294 74 Předměřice
Tel.: +420 774 775 622 

Hotel Jizera

Otradovice 30
294 74 Skorkov
Tel.: +420 326 998 111, 602 282 261

Hotel Koruna

Husovo nám. 75
294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou
Tel.: +420 720 377 777

Penzion na Baště

Vaněčkova 8, 294 71
Benátky nad Jizerou
Tel.: +420 601 357 757

For other information about the WT please contact:

Romana Chobotská, tel. +420 776 555 613
Ivana Rindošová, tel. +420 777 244 574
Bohumila Lelková, tel. +420 606 628 530

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