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Mar 19 - Mar 20 , 2016

WT Jíloviště


City: Jíloviště
Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49°55'51.3"N 14°20'58.1"E
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49°55'52.3"N 14°20'38.0"E


Jimmy Black

I have been involved in gundogs for over 30 years.
I am an A panel judge and have judged the Irish Retriever Championship on three occasions.
On December 30th 2015 I had the great joy of winning the Irish Retriever Championship with my dog Abhaile Taite Bui.
I have represented Ireland on numerous occasions and was on the C.L.A. team seven times. I have also made up six field trial champions.
I have previously judged in Italy, Hungary and Austria.


Ronnie Farrelly

I have been involved with training and competing gundogs in field trials since 1987. Since then I have made up 4 field trial champions and won trials with 4 other dogs. I have represented Ireland in International working tests over 40 times in Ireland and parts of the UK with seven different dogs, having won top retriever on several occasions. I have selected and captained the Irish International Retriever Team for Anglesey Show & Fair in Wales for the past 21 years which we have won a number of times. During the summer months I do gundog demonstrations at the National Country Fairs, North and South of Ireland with my Labradors from my Tealwood Kennels.

I am an “A” panel judge for 23 years having judged the Irish Retriever Championship on 4 occasions and the Belgian Retriever Championship also. I have also judged Field Trials and working tests in Hungary, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic and Denmark. I have judged the IWT on 3 occasions. During the summer months I run training seminars in different parts of Europe, in which I enjoy tremendously.

In the shooting season I pick up with my dogs two days a week in my local shoot “Irish Duck Shooting” Castledillon unless I am trialing.


The classes will be held as follows (there's a limit of 35 dogs every day):

Puppy (E) Class 19. March 2016 - 8:30
Novice (L) Class 19. March 2016 - 13:00

Intermediate (M) Class

Veteran (V) Class

20. March 2016 - 8:30

20. March 2016 - 8:30

Open (S) Class 20. March 2016 - 13:00

Entry Fee:

members of RS CZ   600,- Kč  (25 EUR)
non-members of RS CZ   1000,- Kč (40 EUR)

If you pay by bank transfer, you must write the name of the event in the note „for payee“ (for example: WT Jiloviste).

Deadline for entries: 13. 3. 2016

"Registration: at the latest 30min before the beginning of each class in motorest Jiloviste." 

Accommodation possibilities:

Motorest Jíloviště
tel: +420 603 103 781

Penzion Spálený mlýn
tel: +420 734 848 749

For other information about the WT please contact:

Martin Incédi, tel. +420 608 622 819 (English)
Miroslav Krejčí, tel. +420 733 670 139 (English, Deutsch)
Dana Slabá, tel. +420 607 565 460

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